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Updates for 10/18/13

Updates for 10/18/13

     There are quite a few updates that I have just made to previous entries. The Internet has enough disinformation, so when I find something that contradicts, enriches, or clarifies what I've put before, I'm compelled to make these changes.
For Avengers 9

I updated Wonder Man's information to show he's now on the Unity Squad in Uncanny Avengers. I would  have mentioned his pacifism, but he'll probably punch somebody sooner or later, making it old news.

For Avengers 16

I added Jack Kirby to the art team, since the reprint in 150 also credits him.

For Avengers 20

I updated Shang-Chi to show he's now a plain Avenger on the main team, not a Secret Avenger, not that there's anything wrong with that.

For Avengers 35 essay.

I included that Scarlet Witch's powers were lost due to the influence of Chthon, the entity that is imprisoned in Wundagore mountain. This is revealed in an issue I haven't featured yet, but I've recently read it, so it made sense of this former mystery.

For Avengers 52.
  • We later learn that Grim Reaper's coma ray was developed by Ultron, who has yet to appear himself.
For Avengers 127 to 130

I removed "Whizzer; Robert Frank" as a featured ally. I had thought he had been given a reserve member status, but I was unable to find any solid reference to it. Did I mention I only put past and future Avengers in that "Featured Allies" section. No? Well, that's the criteria, or that list would get pretty darn long sometimes.

For Avengers 150

I removed that Archie Goodwin only appeared as editor of this one issue. He edits plenty later.

For Avengers 159

I added mention of Graviton--Sorry, Frank Hall's appearance on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.
  • Graviton appears, in a fashion, in the third episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD in his civilian guise of Franklin Hall. He was played by actor Ian Hall, who had previously played the far more villainous role of Adolf Hitler.

And, yes, they said he's Canadian, because they wouldn't want to change anything.

For Avengers 160

I removed the mention of X-Men 108 to have it take place before Avengers Annual 7. It's attached to that issue now. Wasp's costume is not the right one, but it fits there better based on other footnotes and publication dates. Once I made a similar exception for Wonder Man's costume, I wasn't as set on using Wasp's wardrobe as a time indicator outside of Avengers itself.

For Avengers 162

I updated it to show that Iron Man did use data from Grim Reaper's coma ray to revive the fallen heroes, except Vision. I had that as only a theory, but issue 166 verified it for me.

For Avengers 163
  • The Amazing Spider-Man pilot movie aired this month. Spider-Man won't be an Avenger for some time, but this is the first live-action Marvel TV movie to air. It won't become a regular, though short-lived series until next year.

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