Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Updates for 8/21/13

Updates for 8/21/13 

     Normally I would like to compile more changes before adding an update, but right now the Marvel Unlimited site, which allows you to view Marvel comics for a monthly fee, also has some issues available for free at This month, they featured many of the appearances of the villain Thanos in their free section, including some that tied in to Avengers issues I have already featured. Avengers 125 is available to view for free for a time as well, at least on my Nook. I tried looking for it on the desktop and found a different set of issues for free, so you may need to use the Marvel Unlimited app for iOS or Android to find this particular issue, and it will probably be for a limited time.
     Anyhow, here's how I updated the old blog entries.

Avengers 125
  • Captain Marvel 27 features the same scenes with Lou-Ann arriving at Avengers Mansion and Captain Marvel seeking her out. That issue was published in July of 1973, a full year before this issue. That's why keeping track of continuity can be hard, people!
  • Captain Marvel 33 explains that this whole space adventure was a ruse to get the Avengers off Earth. Thanos used the Cosmic Cube to move Earth slightly into a different space-time so that when the Avengers returned, they could not interact with him and stop his plan. Mantis, with her full-body control, was able to partially counteract that effect and appear as an image to advise Captain Marvel.
Avengers 133

I updated Moondragon's membership as starting in issue 137 instead of 151. Sources like the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe use 137 as her induction issue.

Avengers 138
  • There are multiple "Strangers" in the issue. Englehart will later create the Strangers comic book for the Ultraverse.

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