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Update for 5/28/13

Updates for 5/28/13

I've gathered up a few updates here and there I'll incorporate into their respective original entries before I dive into the next (and lengthy) sequence of issues dealing with Mantis and Vision's origins.

For Avengers 24
  • Two panels from this issue were used for the Marvel Mash-Up feature in Ultimate Spider-Man issue 4.

For Avengers 42

  • This issue figures into the recent Age of Ultron story. It's the point where Wolverine and Invisible Woman travel back to kill Henry Pym. There is also an alternate cover to Age of Ultron 6 that features it.

For Avengers 64 
  • Barney Barton's history is then updated another time, showing that the government agent story was a ruse created by Egghead and he really was a gangster. The bright side of this is the second Baron Zemo, in a moment of respect for Hawkeye, transfers Barney's unclaimed criminal bank accounts to Clint's name, making Hawkeye currently quite wealthy.
Between Avengers 112 and 113
Marvel Team-Up 9 & 11
The Tomorrow War! & The Doomsday Gambit!
Written by Gerry Conway and Len Wein
Art by Ross Andru/Frank Bolle & Jim Mooney/Mike Esposito
Lettered by Charlotte Jetter & John Costanza
Colored By Stan Goldberg & Glynis Wein
Spider-Man, to Iron Man: "I'm not in the habit of running out on people--even armor-covered jerks like you."
Spider-Man: "In the immortal words of Johnny Storm--'Huh?'"
After an earthquake, Avengers Mansion disappears from view for a second and then returns, but it is now trapped inside a force field. Iron Man arrives at the scene and is unable to gain entry. Peter Parker sees Iron Man's attempts on television and goes to investigate as Spider-Man. A hole appears in the force field, and the heroes enter, only to find themselves in a strange extra-dimensional space. The encounter Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man, who asks for their help against someone who had invaded his time period, the 23rd century, claiming the same invader has the Avengers captive. Iron Man and Spider-Man penetrate the citadel and find the Avengers trapped in stasis chambers. The invader turns out to be Kang the Conqueror, who zaps the heroes into a paralytic state. Zarrko enters the room and covers Kang with a weapon. He tells Kang how he has seized control of the fortress while Kang was distracted and that special "Time Bomb" devices were sent back to 1973 in order turn back time for 20th-century Earth, leaving only a small depot of modern weapons that Zarrko will use to conquer all time. While Zarrko monologues, Spider-Man recovers, but Iron Man's armor does not, so Spider-Man sneaks off and finds a time portal back to the 20th century while Kang easily overpowers Zarrko after listening to his speech.
After foiling the plot in the 20th century with the Human Torch, Spider-Man heads to the Himalayas to enlist the scientific expertise of the Inhumans to get him back to the 23rd century. Maximus is able to engineer one of Zarrko's devices to send Spider-Man, Black Bolt, Karnak, Gorgon, and Triton to the future a few minutes before Spider-Man left. They battle through the soldiers of the future and come upon Kang as we left him at the end of issue 9. Black Bolt uses his sonic power to shatter the capsules holding the Avengers. Zarrko is captured, but Kang's armor is revealed to be an empty shell. The heroes are automatically recalled to the 20th century by the device Maximus used to send them there, and the Avengers also return home. 
  • Marvel Team-Up 10 is omitted since none of the Avengers appear in that adventure. Spider-Man and Human Torch stop the Time Bombs. The Human Torch recognizes that the technology used within them resembles something the Inhumans use to protect their city, so he sends Spider-Man there for further aid.
  • When Iron Man and Spider-Man see the Avengers trapped in a grid of stasis chambers, there is an additional empty one, presumably for Iron Man. Jarvis is also trapped in one of the chambers.
  • It's not fleshed out how Kang managed to steal the mansion and overcome all the Avengers, but Kang implies he used the same paralytic ray in his belt buckle that we see him using throughout this adventure.
  • Iron Man is left incapacitated on the floor at the end of issue 9. Though Spider-Man seemingly returns almost instantly in issue 11 due to time travel, we see Iron Man now inside one of the stasis chambers. The chambers' orientation also changes, so that the trapped characters are not in the same spots as when we saw them in issue 9.
  • Captain America and Black Panther are seen as captured in issue 9, but they are never seen in issue 11, either in the future or back in the 20th century. Apparently 12 heroes were just too much to draw that day. Jarvis is still there, though.

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