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Updates for 4/25/13

Updates for 4/25/13

(First off, I thought I had posted this back on 4/8, but I come to find it was still marked as a draft, so this may or may not be new to you.)

Reading back through a chronology, I found several guest appearances of the Avengers in other books that were published later, but fell into the sequence of events I've already covered. I decided to include those in the entries as close to where they appeared as possible and have gone back to add these to those issues.
Avengers 2 

·         Giant-Man, Iron Man, and Wasp appear briefly in Untold Tales of Spider-Man  3 looking to track down an at-large Sandman, but they don’t have any luck. Later chronologies place it after the events of Avengers 2.

Avengers 6 

·         This issue is referenced in Marvels (1994) 2. Photographer Phil Sheldon sees Captain America and Iron Man making their way across the city and comes across citizens that were glued by the Adhesive X. He then gets photos of the battle and a front-page photo of Giant-Man striding between two buildings. A version of that last photo is the cover of the Marvels trade paperback collection. 

Avengers 14 

·         A 5-page story in Captain America (1968) 221 tells a story that takes place between this and issue 15. Rick Jones trips into a view screen and is electrocuted. He is transformed into a superhero called Captain Avenger with a costume made up of pieces of the other Avengers’ costumes. He foils an attack by Baron Zemo, but then discovers that he imagined the whole thing due to an electricity-caused hallucination. 

Avengers 16 

·         Photographer Phil Sheldon is at this press conference in Marvels (1994) 2. 

Avengers 22 

·         Some government officials are shown getting ready to put on an Avengers Day the following Sunday in order to celebrate the fact that the team has been cleared of wrongdoing. It is not seen until Marvels (1994) 3, however. The Avengers Day in issue 45 is a bit too far in the future to be the same one. 

Avengers 25 

·         In Marvels (1994) 3, a short scene celebrating the first Avengers Day and the clearing of the Avengers’ name is shown. The city apologizes for disbanding them and thinking they were criminals. Since Captain America left the team immediately at the end of issue 22, the start of this issue would be the first time all four heroes are available for that event.
·         Thor (2007) 600 has a backup story written by Stan Lee that tells a tale from this time period. Thor assists the Avengers in defeating robots from the Raggador Galaxy as part of his normal routine, even though he wasn’t part of the team. There are a few places this story could take place, but this is the last chance before Wasp and Goliath become get involved with the team again.
Avengers 45 

·         Avengers Day was proposed in Avengers 22 and appears to be an annual event, but this is the first time it is shown. 

Avengers 86 

·         Also this month, Thor, Iron Man, and Goliath are sent to help the army defend an installation from the Titans Three, a short-lived group consisting of Hulk, Namor, and Silver Surfer. This takes place in Sub-Mariner (1968) 35. All these characters will also appear in the Avengers/Defenders War in 1973, though Goliath will do so as Hawkeye and as a Defender. 

Avengers 108 

·         The villains think Ant-Man and Wasp are dead. Their adventures were appearing in Marvel Feature (1971), and their house had been burned down in issue 6 of that series. Since they were trapped at small size at the time and could not be found, they were presumed dead. 

Added Swordsman; Jacques Duquesne to Avengers 105 to 114 entry. He's the forgotten early Avenger, even to me apparently.

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